iPhone 11 Pro Repair Services

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple introduced its first triple-camera system with the release of iPhone 11 Pro, a phone with both style and  power that adds tons of capability without complexity. The battery life lasts up to 5 hours compared to other generations of iPhone.Surely, these features don’t come cheap and with permanent guarantee. But, do not worry, we offer you with all sorts of repair and damage services for your iPhone 11 Pro. Our amazing technicians will sort out all your device problems with the best quality parts at affordable rates. 

Fix Phones offers all repairs work from antenna repair, back cover replacement, camera repair, charging port repair, earpiece repair, headphone repair, power button repair, mute button repair, volume key repair, housing repair, sim tray repair and so on.

iPhone repair Adelaide

Screen Repair :

iPhone 11 Pro has a Super Retina XDR display screen which measures 6.5 inches.The front and back are made with precision-milled glass, making it the most robust glass of any smartphone.Yet, sometimes unwanted accidents happen but don’t worry we have got you covered. If your screen is shattered ,bring the phone straight to Fix Phones and we will repair it for you in no time using the best quality iPhone screen at an affordable price.

Battery Replacement:

One third of our customers come for iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement in our store. The iPhone has an internal rechargeable battery. Over time, iPhone users note a decline in the battery life.  If you do note this with your iPhone 11 Pro, then it is time you visit our store. The battery replacement doesn’t take time as we always have new OEM iPhone batteries in stock.

Back Cover Replacement:

We can quickly perform a back cover replacement in just 1 hour. The most common problem with the back cover on an iPhone is that it easily cracks or shatters after a drop, whether or not it is made of plastic or glass. All generations of iPhone have this problem. However, it is always best to get a protective case if you really want to make sure your iPhone is protected.

Water Damage:

According to Apple, this device is said to have tested positive in water and have earned IP68 water resistance rating. It is also designed to be resistant from everyday spills and dust but we cannot consider this to be 100% resistant. So, if you want to restore your iPhone quality then bring it straight to us. We will do a liquid/water clean up and the phone will be delivered to you in perfect device health. Our technicians are highly experienced and capable of dealing with the water damage in all smartphones.

For all other repairs, do not hesitate to contact Fix Phones. We are always looking forward to repairing your devices.

iPhone Repair Adelaide
  • iPhone Screen Replacement
  • iPhone  LCD Replacement
  • iPhone  Battery Replacement
  • iPhone Charging Port Replacement
  • iPhone Front Camera Replacement
  • iPhone Back Camera Replacement
  • iPhone Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • iPhone Headphone Jack Replacement
  • iPhone Loud Speaker Replacement
  • iPhone Power Button Replacement
  • iPhone Volume button Replacement
  • iPhone Vibrator Replacement
  • iPhone Motherboard Element Repairs
  • iPhone Water Damage Repair Assessment
  • iPhone Fault Diagnosis & Quote Service
  • iPhone Insurance Damage Report& Quote Service

iPad Repair Adelaide

  • iPad Screen Repair
  • iPad Battery Replacement
  • iPad Charging Port Repair
  • iPad Water Damage Repair
Samsung Repair Adelaide
  • Samsung Phone Screen Repair
  • Samsung Phone Battery Replacement
  • Samsung Phone Mic Replacement
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