Computer Repairs Adelaide

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Your Windows or Mac computer repair

We fix computers and desktops using the latest remote services technology. This allows you to stay at your location and allow us to connect to your computer through the Internet. Once we are connected we are able to repair or troubleshoot any software related problem and most hardware ones as well.


  • High speed Internet access (example: cable, DSL, or satellite).
  • A computer system running Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems.
  • Payment methods include all major credit cards, and Payment via PayPal.

Your personal Desktop Experts

Computer repair is only the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to our services. Let us be your personal technology expert. We can help with navigating Operating Systems to finding the best software solutions for your needs. Here are some examples of how we can help.

  • Custom email account management and configurations.
  • Finding the best software for a variety of tasks.
  • Compatible computer accessories.
  • Computer or technology equipment purchase & upgrade suggestions.


Cloud Services

Cloud services are services that require High Speed internet access at your location. These services include Remote Support, Cloud Databackup, and more. Find out how Fix Phones experts and professionals can help you with our Cloud Services.

Security Software

After a system is repaired. To insure it’s integrity we install the latest security software to help keep it protected. From Firewalls, Anti-virus software, and custom security tweaks. We have install the best-in-class solutions whether free or premium.

Unlimited Support

Lets face it technology isn’t perfect. Whether its maintenance, repairs, or training assistance. Everyone needs continued help with their technology. We understand this. That’s why we offer affordable Unlimited Support & Protection to all our customers.