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iPhone 7 Repairs Adelaide

Affordable iPhone 7 repairs in Adelaide.

Best iPhone 7 repair with warranty.

iPhone 7 

Get your iPhone 7 repaired at an affordable cost in any one of our store in Adelaide. All of the iPhone 7 repairs like iPhone 7 screen replacement, iPhone 7 battery replacement, iPhone 7 motherboard repair, iPhone 7 microphone repair are handled by our expert technicians who specialize in iPhone repairs.

Our technicians properly assess, quote, and conduct the repairs with due diligence. All of the parts used for these repairs are of the highest quality. Anything that can be done to fix your  iPhone 7 in top notch condition as we specialize on iPhone 7. Besides, it’s better to repair you phone than replace it.

Repair Features:

  • Standard warranty on all repairs
  • Expert technicians specializing on all phone repairs.
  • Fast repair time with a quick turnaround
  • Reasonable prices
  • Manufacturing specification allowed
  • Communication of progress of device
  • Aftermarket parts can be used if specified
  • Fix most faults in iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Repair near you:

Can I get iPhone 7 repair near me at affordable cost? Are you still looking for repair shop near you? Yes? Fix Phones is here to help you.

The iPhone 7 has still remained a classic among the range of iPhone’s Apple has produced but it is not without its flaws.  The iPhone 7 is still is prone to a vast array of damages and faults. From screen damage, charging port faults, camera faults, speaker issues to battery problems. Whatever may be the problems, if you are looking for professionals who specialize on iPhone 7 and cater to repair need of this device, look no further!

We are professional mobile phone & Tablet repairer with experience in thousands of devices under our belt. We do carry a large inventory of parts in our location and carry out repairs quick.

iPhone 7 Screen Repair:

Where can I get the best and cheap iPhone 7 screen repair in Adelaide?

Fix Phones is the best iPhone 7 screen repair shop in Adelaide. We are always there for iPhone 7 screen replacement in no more than an hour. After the repair, you will get back your phone with a much clearer display. Trust us.

Screen replacement will resolve the following issues:

  • Cracked or broken glass.
  • Unresponsive touch screen.
  • Yellow tint, white spots or discoloration on your iPhone display.
  • Your iPhone flickers.
  • It has lines running through the display horizontally or vertically.
  • You can’t slide to unlock your iPhone screen.
  • Light leaks near the top corner of your iPhone screen (usually noticeable in the dark).
  • Your iPhone screen has dead pixels.
  • LCD seems to be “washed” out.

No matter how careful you are with handling your iPhone, a slip of the iPhone from your hand is enough to take your breath away. iPhone’s are vulnerable to having cracked screens and broken LCD’s from just a small accident. In order to protect your iPhone against these damages, we suggest you get a good quality case, such as OtterBox Defender or the Griffin Survivor.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement:

Are you looking for the same day iPhone 7 battery replacement near Ascot Park in Adelaide?

Well, you are at the right place. Most of our customers come for iPhone 7 battery replacement in our store. The iPhone has an internal rechargeable battery. Over time, iPhone users note a decline in the battery life.  If you do note this with your iPhone 7, then it is time you visit our store. The battery replacement doesn’t take time as we always have new OEM iPhone batteries in stock.

iPhone 7 Back Cover Replacement:

iPhone 7 back cover might get cracked or shattered after a drop. That is a problem of mostly every iPhone. However, we are here to get it replaced within an hour. Also, we highly recommend our customers to get a protective case for their iPhone 7 so that the back cover is safe.

iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair:

Your iPhone 7 has a 30-pin dock or a lightning connector, which is known as a charging port or sync port. If you have a problem with your charging port – your iPhone is not charging properly, you need to get the charging port repaired. We can repair any model of iPhone from iPhone 7, iPhone 7 and so on at an affordable price.

iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair:

This iPhone model is said to be water-resistant but we highly doubt that it can handle all the water splashes and drops and still work perfectly fine. If you are in a doubt that the water splashes have affected your phone, we will do a liquid/water clean up. Our technicians are highly experienced and capable of dealing with the water damage in all smartphones.

iPhone 7 Camera Repair:

You might face with the iPhone 7 camera shutter not opening. Try restarting your iPhone. If the problem persists, then it is a mechanical problem which can be fixed by our technicians easily in no time.

iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair:

If your iPhone doesn’t get charged even after connecting to the charger through the charging port, it might be a charging port issue. We suggest our customers to bring their iPhone along with their charger so that we can provide them with a repair service.

iPhone 7 Home Button Repair:

The Home button in an iPhone is the most used button. If you are having problem with it, bring your iPhone to us. We will fix your iPhone 7 Home button so that you can use your iPhone easily as before.


Along with the mentioned repairs, for all other repairs, please call us at 08 7230 9662

Benefits You Receive

  • No Fix No Fees Policy
  • Free Assessments and Quotes Prior to Repairs
  • Special Discount & Rates
  • 100 days Warranty
  • Certified Repair Technicians
  • Genuine Parts
  • Affordable Repairs
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Same Day Repairs
  • Live chat support 24 x 7

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