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iPad Repair For Schools

students learning using iPad

Get quality and affordable iPad repair for schools in Adelaide.

We offer one of the best repair services in town.

Best Price for iPad Repairs

In today’s education system, most of the schools use electronic device such as iPad itself for teaching classrooms. Additionally, current pandemic has made online study a must. Therefore, most students have to use iPads and laptops for their projects and assignments. However, when the device stops working their project/assignments remains incomplete and sometimes cannot be submitted on time. At Fix Phones, we are committed to educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. We understand the importance of device health because there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to students learning device.

All iPad Services:
  •  LCD and Digitizer Replacement.
  •  Back Glass Replacement.
  •  Charging Port Replacement.
  •  Home Button Repair.
  •  Water Damage Repair.
  •  Inspection and Insurance Claim.
  •  Software Updates & Data Recovery.
  •  Unlocking.
  •  Volume Button Issue Repair.
  •  Insurance Damage Report.
Benefits We Offer:
  •  Standard warranty on all repairs.
  •  Expert technicians specializing on iPad repairs.
  •  Fast repair time with the quick turnaround.
  •  Affordable cost.
  •  Bulk repair discount.
  •  Manufacturing specification allowed.
  •  Communication of progress of device.
  •  Good quality repair parts used.
  •  Special student card discount.
  •  Certified Repair Technician.

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