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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Fix Phones.

  1. Service Warranty: Fix Phones offers a warranty for all the services and repair parts. The warranty is valid for three months from the invoice date. A tax invoice must be provided to claim your valid warranty. In case of failure to show the tax invoice, the warranty will not be entertained. The warranty is not renewed on each warranty repair.
  2. Manufacturer’s Warranty: Fix Phones offers only non-warranty repairs. By submitting your device for repair, you confirm that the device is no longer covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. Service Fees: Fix Phones charges a non-refundable service fee depending on the device..
  4. Settings and Data: All your device data may get lost during a repair process or when the damage id incurred. We urge all our customers to keep a backup of your data prior to submitting the phone for repair. Fix Phones will not be held responsible for any data lost before, after or during the repair.
  5. Sim/ Memory Cards/ Stylus: Fix Phones will make sure to remove sim cards, memory cards or stylus from your device upon book in, however, it is your responsibility. Fix Phones and the staffs will not be held responsible in case of lost of any such parts.
  6. Liquid (Water) Damage Repair: In case of liquid damage, we might require a fix before a quote could be generated. If the customer declined the quote, Fix Phones will remove the parts replaced to recover the damage and return you your device. Thence, we do not guarantee the functionality of the device thereafter. Also, some water damage repairs require heat treatment which might cause more damage to the device. Fix Phones will not take the responsibility in such case.
  7. Quotation/Estimates: Once your quote has been finalized, Fix Phones will contact you on your contact number. However, if in case we could not reach to you, you are free to contact us on 0415 785 062. Fix Phones aims to fix its initial pricing on quotes; however pricing may vary pending further inspection of mobile phones by the technician.
  8. Unlocking/Security/iCloud/Code Removal: If required, it is customer’s responsibility to ensure the device is not IMEI locked. If found otherwise, the customer is still liable of payment. If the device has network restrictions or call restrictions even after repair, the customer still needs to pay the whole quote amount.
  9. Repairs: Goods presented for repair maybe replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. All repairs and services are performed at owner’s risk and Fix Phones is not responsible for any damages or loss.
  10. Offers/ Prices: Offers/ prices are subject to change any time without prior notice.
  11. Ownership/Decision maker/Authority: The customer must abide by the rule: I agree that I am the owner or I have permission to act on behalf of the owner of the mobile phone submitted to repair.
  12. Collections: In accordance to the Uncollected Goods Act 1995, if a customer doesn’t collects it’s device within 30 days of repair, the device will be recycled. Once disposed, Fix Phones will not be held guilty.

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