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Phone Repairs Adelaide. In Need Of Phone Screen Replacement in Adelaide?

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Mobile Phone Repairs Adelaide

Fix Phones is a highly trusted mobile phone repair shop in Adelaide.

Our well-trained phone technicians with years of experience, extensive knowledge, and skills are capable of performing all kinds of device repairs including screen replacement/repairs, battery replacement, hardware and software issues, water damage repair, and can comfortably handle PCB soldering. We are committed to providing quality phone repairs at a low cost in Adelaide, SA.
Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. We use it every day. There’s no compromise when it comes to repairing your broken phone. We, at Fix Phones, understand it better than anyone. Anytime you break your precious mobile phone, laptop, or any other gadget, you quickly search for the best places to get your phone fixed near me, right? 

Why Fix Phones Repair Mobile Phones

Fix Phones came into the mobile phone repair business with a vision to provide the best mobile phone and device experience to our customers. Repairing your mobile phone not only saves you more money but it is also much better for the environment. Also, it supports small and local businesses like us.
Your phone is one of the most important assets today as it is a link to your personal life, your work, and your friends. Whenever you accidentally break your phone or smash the phone screen, it is very important to get it fixed quickly and effectively. That’s where Fix Phones come in.

Let’s admit it, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have become an inseparable part of human lives. For some, mobile phones are simply a means of communication whereas for some they are used for attaining work tasks, business calls, emails, and also for study purposes. 
In the pandemic itself, mobile phones have become a very important part of professional as well as student life. As we use the devices so much, they are prone to accidents, and malfunctioning, and sometimes they are just hard to use as the systems get obsolete. Therefore, it is always a better idea to go for a mobile phone repair. Here are some reasons you may want to visit a phone technician near you.

Few Reasons to Repair Mobile Phones

  • Repairing your mobile phone not only saves you money but it is also much better for the environment.
  • Supports Small Local Australian Businesses like Fix Phones
  • Helps in creating jobs
  • Saves Time

If you are looking for repairing your phone, iPad, iPhone, tablets, and other smartphones anywhere in Adelaide or North Adelaide, Fix Phones is your ultimate destination. We are proud to be one of the fastest growing and best mobile phone repairs in Adelaide, SA.

Get smartphone/iPhone screen repair in Adelaide. Service any phone screen repair.
Charging Port
Android or iPhone charging port repair at an affordable price.
High quality microphone replacement for iPhone or Android.
Home button
Smartphone/iPhone home button repair at affordable price.
Best android and iPhone speaker replacement.
Android or iPhone camera repair in Adelaide.
Power Button
Affordable Android or iPhone power button replacement.
Android and iPhone battery replacement of high quality.
select your device
Get affordable tablet/iPad screen repairs in Adelaide at Ascot Park and Henley Beach.
Charging Port
Get affordable iPad charging port repair cost in Adelaide.
High quality microphone replacement for iPad and tablet.
Home button
Home button repair at affordable price in Henley Beach and Ascot Park.
High quality iPad speaker repair at Fix Phones in Adelaide.
Best tablet and iPad camera repair in Henley Beach and Marion Road, Adelaide.
Power Button
Get power button repair at affordable price in Adelaide.
High quality battery replacement for iPads and tablets.
select your device
Diagnose your PC or laptop at Fix Phones for a low price.
HP laptop screen repair and many other models as well.
Power Jack
Affordable laptop power jack repair cost in Adelaide.
Affordable keyboard replacement in Adelaide, Australia.
Affordable laptop cleaning and servicing in Adelaide.
Fan Replacement
Get lowest laptop fan replacement price at Fix Phones.
Long lasting laptop battery replacement in Adelaide.
Get new installations and updates at affordable price.
select your device
Diagnose your PC or laptop at Fix Phones for a low price.
HP laptop screen repair and many other models as well.
Power Jack
Affordable laptop power jack repair cost in Adelaide.
Affordable keyboard replacement in Adelaide, Australia.
Affordable laptop cleaning and servicing in Adelaide.
Fan Replacement
Get lowest laptop fan replacement price at Fix Phones.
Long lasting laptop battery replacement in Adelaide.
Get new installations and updates at affordable price.
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How Does Fix Phones Work

Get your device repaired in just three easy steps

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Step 1. Tell us your Issue

Help us detailing the device problem to get it working properly again.

Step 2. Get repair estimate

Check the repair Price estimate.

Step 3. Bring your device

Handover your device at any of our location.


Yes! Absolutely!
Fix Phones use high-quality and genuine phone parts to repair your device. Be it your phone’s screen, battery, digitizer/touch screen, camera, or battery. Your phone will work the same as the day you bought it once we have finished the repair.

Did you know?
Literally, millions of electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops, and televisions are discarded in an unmanaged way every year in Australia. The discarded products with a battery or plug such as computers and mobile phones are called E-Waste. To be honest, were you familiar with the term E-Waste before?
No? Don’t worry, you are at the right place. At Fix Phones, we understand the consequences of electronic gadgets. So, we have become a strong advocate for electronic repairs. This is why Fix Phones came into business a few years back. Let’s learn more about E-Waste and how as responsible Australian citizens we can help reduce it.

What is E-Waste?
According to Wikipedia, Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for refurbishment, reuse, resale, salvage recycling through material recovery, or disposal are also considered e-waste.
We can also understand it as an informal name for electronic gadgets nearing the end of their “useful life”. Tons of electronic products go to waste because people are not familiar with the repair process. Meanwhile, millions of people who are in need of cell phones go without because of accessibility and economic crisis. Instead, if we go for phone repairs and fix phones, we will create many jobs and opportunities for people. Similarly, we can support the efforts made by phone repair companies for e-waste management.
Lastly, if you are still here, you are already a part of the revolution and doing your best for e-Waste management. So, the next time you’re thinking about getting a new phone before going for phone repairs, remember that your small part can make a big difference. With the help of our skilled technicians and their expertise, your mobile phones will become brand new once again.
So, what’s stopping you? Do not live with a faulty device. Call Fix Phones today or visit any of our stores in zip code 5031 and zip code 5043.

Cell Phone Repair Store

Looking for the best mobile cell phone repair shop near you? You are at the right place. Fix Phones in Adelaide is the right choice for you.

Do Fix Phones offer the best mobile phone repairs in Adelaide? Please help me find the best mobile phone repair shop near me. Well, Fix Phones is your one-stop repair shop in Adelaide.

  • Fix Phones is one of the most trusted and best mobile phone repair shop in Adelaide.
  • We offer quality repair services near you including phone screen repair in Adelaide.
  • We provide quick phone screen replacement near Marion Rd and Henley Beach Rd at Torrensville Plaza, Adelaide at best price.

Our Technicians are Ready to Fix Phones!

From iPhones to iPads, Android mobile phones to tablets, laptops, and computers, Fix Phones can repair your cell phone or tablet in no more than an hour. Our technicians are super cooperative and offer you a huge discount as well as a warranty for any repairs. Adelaide’s phone repairs company is proud to offer quality phone repairs at an amazingly affordable price.


All of our mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, and tablet repairs are of the best possible quality and backed up with a 100 days warranty.
Fix Phones provides mobile phone repairs at a very reasonable cost with the best quality repair parts available in the market for mobile phone repairs. We can repair various ranges of mobile phones like iPhone Repairs, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Huawei, Google Pixel, etc.
Our technicians are extremely professional and well-trained for all kinds of mobile phone repairs and laptop repairs. Still, confused about whether to get your mobile phone repaired or to buy a new one?
Well, it is much better to get the mobile phone repaired as it is cost-effective and it reduces the environmental impact. Besides mobile phone repairs, Fix Phones provides discounts, amazing repair offers and has several other perks for our clients from all over Adelaide which makes us the perfect choice for mobile phone repairs.


i phone repairs in Adelaide

iPhone Repairs

At Fix Phones, we repair all iPhone-related repairs issues from iPhone 6 to 15 pro max LCD screen replacement, iPhone liquid damage, iPhone battery replacement for every iPhone model at the cheapest iPhone repair cost.

iPad Repairs in Adelaide, phone repairs near me

iPad Repairs

Our dedicated Fix Phones team performs fixes for all iPad-related issues ranging from iPad LCD replacement to motherboard repair for any generation of iPad, including iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Samsung phone Repairs in Adelaide near me

Samsung Repairs

No matter what Samsung model or what Samsung phone screen repair issue, our technicians are talented to fix all your Samsung mobile phone problems with a warranty.

Tablet Repairs in Adelaide

Tablet Repairs

If you are looking for high-quality tablet repairs for hardware or software problems, we, at Fix Phones are there for you. Get any tablet brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Asus, Sony, etc repaired at a very reasonable price.

mcBook Repairs

MacBook Repairs

Our experts can fix all the issues with your Mac computers and laptops ranging from a broken screen to low battery life and many more.

Laptop Repairs in Adelaide

Laptop Repairs

At fix phones, we offer one of the best services for laptop repairs in Adelaide. Be it HP laptop repair or any other laptop repair service, we are proficient in it.

Computer Repairs in Adelaide

Computer Repairs

If you are looking for the best service for computer repairs in Adelaide, Fix Phones is the best place. Our technicians can repair all hardware and software-related issues with ease for you.

Gadgets Repairs 


Any problem in gadgets like Mp3 Players/iPods, PS3/PS4, and other game consoles can be fixed at Fix Phones with a warranty.

Trusted cell phone repair shop in Adelaide

When you bring your mobile phone to Fix Phones for repair, we make sure your phone is in safe hands. Fix Phones is proud to be one of the most trusted cell phone repair shops in Adelaide, SA. Be it your android phone repair, iPhone repair, Samsung screen repair, and more.
Why pay more when your local cell phone repair shop can fix it at an affordable cost. Be sure to contact our experienced technicians who are capable of producing 100% satisfied clients in Adelaide. We have served customers in zip code 5043 and zip code 5031.

3 Things To Do Before Going For Android Phone Repairs

Before you hand over the phone to your phone repair technician, make sure of the following 3 things:

  • Remove Your Sim Card
  • Create a Full BackUp
  • Remove Security Locks

It saves both clients’ and technicians’ time and ensures safety in case any mishappenings occur. 
What are you waiting for?
Don’t wait another minute, get your phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, or laptop fixed with Fix Phones – Your No. 1 choice for phone repairs Adelaide.
We are waiting to serve you in both locations:

  1. Phone Repairs Torrensville
  2. Phone Repairs Marion

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We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems. Fix Phones provides the best solution and technical assistance to customers in zipcode 5043.

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