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iPhone XS MaxIphone Repair

iPhone repair : Iphone Screen replacement , Iphone battery Replacement, Iphone Mic Replacement.

Macbook Repair

Our experts can fix all the issues with your mac computer and laptops from broken screen to low battery life and many more.

Samsung Repair

Samsung Screen Repair, Samsung Battery Replacement, samsung mic repair, Charging port Repair

Laptop Repair

We can make your slow running laptop to work faster by reformatting with our latest operating systems providing ultimate.

Ipad Repair

Ipad Screen Repair, Ipad Lcd replacement, Ipad Battery Replacement, Ipad not turning on Repair, and more

Computer Repair

Desktop Computers of any brand can be repaired by our technician at affordable price. Any hardware or software issues.

tabletTablet Repair

Get your Tablet working even after any hardware and software problems.

Other Gadgets

Any problems in gadgets like Mp3 Players/iPods and game consoles can be fixed at E-Clinic.& Motherboard Repair


Until recently, it was almost impossible to find a place that could reliably repair broken phones and laptops. People had no choice but to buy new ones. Oh! What an expensive way to deal with such a problem. It was easy to get repairs for our cars, televisions or any other products: it is no big deal. But fixing a cell phone? They told us to forget it. They didn’t want to fix phones instead they told us to throw it away and buy a new one. Has this ever happened to you?

Fix Phones is a local phone repair and laptop repair shop in Adelaide. We are here to solve any problem in your electronic devices with the help of our experienced technician with years of repair experience. In addition to repair, we provide services such as Security Camera Installation, IT Solution, Web Design, Application Development, Networks and Supply of Technical Accessories. We provide service on-site or in the store to serve our customers in Adelaide.

Our goal is to serve our community with quality service at an affordable price. The satisfaction of our customers is the key to growing our business every day, therefore, we value our customers by providing a warranty on services and repairs.We can help you to fix Touch Screen & LCD Repair, Charging Port Repair, Battery Replacement, Microphone Repair, Headphone Jack Repair, Earpiece Speaker Repair, Loudspeaker Repair, Home Button Repair, Power Button Repair, Frame & Chassis Repair, Rear Camera Repair, Front Camera Repair, Front Proximity Sensor, Front Brightness Sensor, Volume Button Repair, Silent Switch Repair and many more.


I found Fix phone on Google and they are phone repairs near me and I asked for a qoute for my phone, and he ask me to bring it to them He fixed it and explained to me what he did and what caused the problem. They were Best and affordable Phone repair shop nearest me.  Nice guy and honest I recommend him to everyone.

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– Demise A


“Super friendly and helpful. Even though I was arriving right at closing time they stayed open for me. They were able to instantly replace my hard drive while I waited and for a reasonable price. They are the Cheap Apple iPad repairs Adelaide
– by Deanna Stewart

“Fix Phones was super helpful in addressing all our office needs when we upgraded our company server. They also assisted us is finding new equipment that fit our office best. We did not have to wait around for services.”
– by Scott Maxwell

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer a onsite or in home service for repair. Extra charges may apply.

Yes. Please feel free to bring your old electronic in so they will be recycled properly.