Cracked screen? It’s a danger to yourself and others. Be aware.

The Longer You Wait, the Worse It Gets.Yes, you saw it right.

I am sure you must have experienced the unspeakable horror of watching your phone fall down a staircase, or while walking down the street. Sometimes if you are lucky, nothing happens to your mobile screen or let’s admit it depends on the protection of your screen too. Unfortunately, if your screen does get cracked or shattered, there’s little one can do other than shell out the clams to replace the LCD, or leave the ugly web of cracks until you can afford to fix it.

Regardless, we do not get anything repaired or fixed until it’s too late, right? Well, many people choose to leave a cracked screen until the whole unit becomes inoperable. But, I am sure, once you will be familiar with the danger of your shattered phone, you will find a good phone repair shop near you and get it fixed.

Smartphones are a marvel of modern technology, and while they’re manufactured to sustain considerable damage, without the full protection of your screen, the digitizer is exposed to debris and water. If this is compromised, you’re looking at much more expensive and extensive repairs. The LCD glass can also lodge deeper into the phone, causing additional problems. The cracked glass can splinter and cut your fingers or embed in your skin. A cracked screen also decreases the value of your device and it looks just unprofessional.

However, the longer you wait to fix this little problem it can potentially grow in a larger and more serious issue that threatens to ruin your entire phone. If you really can’t afford an immediate repair, at the very least use a screen protector over the cracked surface. It’s not a long-term solution but it’s better than nothing.

Benefits of a Cell Phone Repair Specialist

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What are the benefits of a cell phone repair specialist?

Do you constantly ask yourself the same question? If you do, then firstly, let’s get clear about the benefits of a cell phone repair specialist today.

Cost Effective

 Who wouldn’t want to go for a money saver option, right? When it comes to repairing your phone, especially if you have one of the higher-end models, it is almost always cheaper than buying a brand-new phone. You wouldn’t want to hurt your pockets right? Besides, it is always cheaper and best to go for repair options rather than buying a new phone. The price you will be spending on a phone screen repair or battery repair is nothing compared to the amount of money you would spend on a new phone.

Less Risk of Breaking it

Have you ever tried a DIY fix for your phone or any other electronic device? When your cell phone breaks, you may become tempted to buy a few parts and fix the problem yourself. But sometimes, it can cost you a lot more than you ever imagined. We highly recommend that you don’t do that. While YouTube tutorials might seem very easy to look at but it might very easily break your phone even further. Save the cost of a new phone for when you actually need it when new models are introduced and leave the smaller repairs to a professional cell phone repair specialist.

Easily Available Repair Parts

Repair professionals always have a huge stock of repair parts such as  small screws, screwdrivers, and anything else they need to fix your phone.When you attempt to fix the issue yourself, you have to buy a multitude of parts  that may end up costing you a lot of money. Not only that, but it will also use up your time, so leave it to an expert. 

Utilize the Warranty

Almost every company sells the phone along with the warranty. So, if you have issues in your phone and it is under warranty, you can get it repaired without paying any cost. However, there are some conditions that the companies put for free repairing of the device.

Getting the Maximum Value

In a blink of an eye, new phone models are introduced in the market. It is almost impossible to get the maximum value of the model you have. Don’t worry, you can enjoy your present phone and get the maximum value of it without spending a lot of money. Before replacing your phone with the new one, just ask yourself whether you have utilized your phone up to the maximum value. Everything will be worthless if you have not utilized it properly. A good cell phone repair specialist can fix it all for you.

5 reasons why you should repair your phone and not buy a new one in 2020

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Mobile Phones have become an important part of our life and we always want to make sure it is working to the best of its ability. But when things don’t go our way, it can quickly become a frustrating situation. If you use your mobile phones for daily business work, emailing, texting, calling, taking beautiful pictures, or any other purpose, you will realize how inconvenient life is without it. Well, it’s the year 2020 and inconvenience has made its own existence, right? But, we have the solutions for your inconvenience.

There are many reasons why it’s always better to get your device repaired instead of buying a new one. Let us get familiar with the top 5 reasons:

  • Repairing saves money

Repairing your device is much more affordable than outright buying a new phone.New phones tend to be quite costly. Well, you don’t want to hurt your pockets, right? Typical phone repair prices range from $50-$140, while new devices range from $200-$1,000 or more depending on the latest model and technology. If you are looking to save money and make your device feel brand new again, you should really go for the phone repair option.

  • Make use of the warranty

If you have a phone and the warranty is still valid, why not go for a repair option? You can repair it free of charge. Besides, you can also get a good 100 days of warranty if you choose a good repair shop near you. However, warranties do not cover damage caused by choice or neglect. Also, as said before, repairing your old phone is usually a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

  • Supporting Repair Business

Businesses are evolving everyday and whenever you are restoring something, you are supporting the repair shops. While this is not something most people have in mind, it is a real thing, especially if it is a local repair shop like Fix Phones.

  • Getting to keep your phone

Technology is continuously changing.The day you buy a new device, you hear launch of another product or technology the next day. It’s almost impossible to grab all the new market products. So, if you have a better option to get your device repaired and enjoy your phone while it lasts, you should consider the repair option. Time is money and money is worth it. You should always try to get the maximum value out of any electronic device.

  • Better usability

Did you know the longer you wait, the worse it gets ? Majority of the people continue to tolerate a faulty device like cracked screen, poor battery life? People often misjudge how expensive phone repairs actually are, and end up using broken devices. Instead of getting their phone fixed by a cell phone repair specialist like Fix Phones Adelaide, they keep enduring a broken screen or a quickly draining battery. To avoid all this headache, consider how a repair can help you enjoy using your phone again and make 2020 a lot easier.


If it’s already a bit of headache to you it’s better you find a good local repair shop near you. They will fix your phone in no time. You can now enjoy a brand new device. Device health matters.