Easy way to fix your cellphone Not Charging issue

You can fix your cell phone not charging issue by yourself. After using your cellphone for a long period of time, the charging port accumulates dost, cotton from your cloth, food small pieces etc. When you try to connect your charger to the charging port, the charging cable doesn’t fit properly, sometimes it shows charging , sometimes it does not.

To fix this issue take a needle, remove dust from all corner of the charging port. Do this process with care. Do not use unnecessary force to any component of the charging port. Do not use water in the cleaning process. This dusk removal process is applicable to any Apple and Android Devices. Dust creates a gap between the charging cable and charging points so that the electricity flow will stop hence stops the cell phone from charging. Another reason for cellphone not charging issue is the charger itself. Try using another charger from the same company.

If the charging does not happen even after the cleaning of the charging port and changing of the charging, we have to assume that there is some problem in the charging port. Changing a charging is the next solution. We recommend this process should be carried out by a experienced technician. You can find many Phone Repair Shop if you search them in google.


Benefits of Tablet Computers

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Top 10 Tablet Computers Benefits

A Tablet computer is better than a laptop for several reasons. It’s the next generation of notebook computers.

1. A Tablet PC / Tablet computer is the best mobile PC solution.  The announcement of a new Apple Tablet is maybe the best solution for Apple computers as well.

A Tablet PC is compact and convertible which allows you to use your computer in places it would be awkward to use a laptop. You can even use it while standing up. With wireless Internet support, a Tablet PC is extremely convenient to use while being about town.

2. Write notes rather than type.

You can interact with people sitting across from you while writing notes, rather than having a computer screen between you. It’s great because you can use technology and still have that personal interaction with others.

3. Taking notes — easier in meetings or classrooms.

Tablet PCs are especially great for students, or in a classroom situation. They are also great in meetings. You can quickly write notes — and then organize and search your notes later. You can even include audio files or presentations with your notes.

4. A Tablet PC is more personal

Write emails using your own handwriting. Send messages to friends and family (even those without a Tablet PC.) It brings back the personalized touch of handwritten cards, rather than the impersonal feel of regular emails. Your family will love it.

5. Make comments easily.

Tablet PCs make it easy to make comments (like sticky notes, and highlighters). Personalize what you are reading. Make notes in margins. Draw right on the screen while making presentations.

6. Convert handwriting to text.

Once you have your handwritten notes — your Tablet computer can easily convert those notes into typed text.

7. Search handwritten text.

You can also search your own handwritten notes. This is the coolest feature. You will be the envy of your friends once you show them how you can write their names and then find it just by searching your notes.

8. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP has a version just for Tablet PCs — with some additions. Get all of the security and features of Windows XP — and carry it with you on your Tablet PC. The new Apple tablet will likely have customized functionality specific to the new platform.

9. Tablet computer software

The cool thing about a Tablet is you get the cutting edge technology of the latest software. There are hundreds of third-party software applications for the Tablet.

10. Multi-Language Capability

The Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 comes in 20 languages. No specific announcements on the Apple Tablet but based on past performance from Apple, we are certain to see multi-language capability.

How to remove virus effecting your Internet Browser

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One of the most common forms of virus infection is Browser hijacking. This is when either a hacker, scammer, or even shady businesses infects your internet software. Typically the malicious software targets Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. This can be more than just simple annoying pop-up ads or auto changing your homepage. A lot of times this can lead to automatically downloading viruses and wormholes that can entirely disable your system.

I will breakdown the removal process into three Phases:

1) Destroy the Virus

2) Remove Malicious Programs

3) Repair your System


The first step is to get into Safe Mode With Networking

Windows 7 or above and Vista:

Remove any DVDs or CDs from your computer and shut down your computer.

As soon as you turn your computer back on start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard repeatedly until you see the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

Use the Arrow Keys on your Keyboard and highlight Safe Mode With Networking. Then press Enter on the Keyboard

Once In Safe Mode run TDSKiller.

After running TDSKiller reboot your system back to normal mode.

If all has gone well hopefully the virus that infected your computer is removed and at now it’s time to clean up any background running software and malicious adware.

Then run Malwarebytes Removal Tool.

Now run AdwCleaner.

This should remove any virus infection you may have on your computer. If you have any trouble, questions, or in need of further help give us a contact at a SystemsExpert here at Fix Phones. We are more than happy to help.