7 Best Ways To Improve iPhone And iPad Battery Life

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Apple guarantees an excellent battery life for both iPhone and iPad. However, after some time, your iPhone or iPad might be showing invariably degrading battery performance. You might need to charge your iPhone or iPad more often, which can be tedious sometimes. How can you keep your iPhone and iPad running for a long time on a single charge? Let us look on how to improve the battery life.

  1.Lower Screen Brightness

Apple states, “There are two simple ways you can preserve battery life — no matter how you use your device: Adjust your screen brightness and use Wi-Fi.”Go to Settings > Display & Brightness to adjust the brightness. It is recommended to turn on Auto-Brightness, which adjusts the screen brightness based on the ambient light.


    2.Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth consumes power even if you are not using it at that time. Better you turn them off when you don’t need them. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be toggled on and off by swiping up from the bottom edge of your iPad’s screen.


  3.Limit Background App refresh

Some apps in your iPad, if you allow them, refresh their content even when you are not using them. This is to give you a refreshed feed when you return to the app, However, this will certainly drain your battery life.

To turn off background app refresh, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

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4.Avoid heat and cold

Apple’s devices are not meant to be used in extreme weather conditions. Apple recommends keeping your iPad between  32º F to 95º F, while 62º F an d72º F is said to be the best temperature. This implies that you keep your iPad away from direct sunlight in the beach, off of heater in winter or out of locked cars in the summer afternoons.

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5.Use your iPad regularly                      

Lithium-ion batteries are meant to be used hard, so don’t be afraid to use and recharge your iPhone or iPad often. Even if you don’t regularly use them, perform a charge cycle on them one a month (where you fully discharge them and then charge them to 100%).


6.Turn Off Notifications

Many apps in your iPad or iPhone use push notifications to remind you of some important updates or installed apps that you used months ago. These notifications wake up the idle iPad or iPhone turning the display on, which consumes battery.

To choose which apps can push notifications, go to Settings > Notifications.


7.Stay up-to-date

Keep your iPad and iPhone updates to the latest version of iOS. In addition to new features, Apple often includes fixes and performance enhancements for the battery. Hence, it is always a good idea to have the latest version of iOS.


If you follow all these optimization solutions for your iPhone or iPad, then, it will certainly improve your device battery health. But, sometimes it is out of our hand to repair. Don’t worry Fix Phones is here to help you. We believe that it is very important to alert our customers about the possible damage and also share some basic changes that can improve the device performance be it for iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Computer or any other smart phones.

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