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Fix Phones offers the best laptop repairs in Adelaide. If you are one looking for laptop repairs near me, we are there to help you. Our mostly sought repair service is HP laptop repairs in Adelaide. Additionally, we excel in any laptop screen repair in Adelaide. So, if you need a HP laptop repair or HP laptop screen repair, just call us at our address. We will offer you the best repair and at a discount price.

Laptop Repairs

We Can Fix Your Laptop

  • Affordable Repairs
  • Special Discount & Rates
  • Your Data is Safe
  • Same Day Repairs
  • Only High-Quality Parts
  • 100 Days Warranty
  • Free Assessments and Quotes Prior to Repairs
  • Local Service
  • Live chat support 24 x 7

How Much Will It Cost?

Breakage iPhone 5, 5S, 5C iPhone 6, 6S, 6+ iPhone 7, 7+ iPhone 8, 8+ iPhone 11, 11+ iPhone X, XS, XS Max
Screen Repair (Glass only) from $60 from $66 from $77 from $88 from $220 from $204
Battery Replacement $60.00 from $66 from $66 from $66 from $99 from $90
Home Button Replacement $60.00 from $50 from $85 $88.00 Call Call
Rear/Front Camera $60.00 from $55 from $77 from $60 from $75 from $165
Back Glass Replacement Call Call Call from $99 Call from $120
Charging Dock/Port $60.00 from $59 from $66 from $80 from $110 $99.00
Home Button $60.00 from $50 from $85 $88 Call Call
Tempered Glass Screen $15.00 form $10 $15.00 $12.00 $20.00 $20.00
Loud Speaker $60.00 form $60 $66.00 from $77 Call $99.00
Mic Replacement from $59 form $60 $66.00 from $77 Call Call
Ear Speaker $60 form $60 $66.00 from $77 Call $99.00

Laptop Common Fixes

  • Power Problem Repairs: We repair a laptop that has no power as well as no light when the charger is plugged-in.
  • Display Problem: Laptop lights turn on with no laptop display.
  • Performance Issue: The laptop working slow on start-up and then, slows down while using Windows intermittently.
  • Software Installation: Windows 10 installation and upgrade.
  • Data Security: Laptop data backup and data recovery services.
  • RAM Upgrade: RAM installation and upgrades.
  • Drive Installation: We install and upgrade Solid State Drive and perform laptop hard drive replacement.
  • Part Repairs: Power jack or DC jack repairs.
  • Parts Replacement: broken laptop hinges replacement
  • Internet Connectivity Issues: We Repair Network Connectivity Issues.

HP Laptop Repair

Looking for HP laptop repair in Adelaide? Need a laptop repairs near me?

We are extremely excellent in our laptop repair service. We offer the best and most affordable laptop repairs in Adelaide. Not only HP, our technicians also repair all brands and models of laptop.

  • We offer HP laptop repair at an affordable price in Adelaide.
  • Our HP laptop screen repair is of high quality and affordable.
  • Trust us with any laptop repair since our technicians are highly experienced.
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