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iPhone 8 Speaker Repair/Replacement in Adelaide

iPhone 8 Earpiece Repair

A blown speaker is one of the common problems with iPhone 8 earpiece. If you are hearing a static noise from the iPhone 8 earpiece, you need to get it repaired. Other problems with iPhone 8 earpiece are sound distorted, fuzzy, or you may not be able to hear them at all. That means you will need to repair or replace your iPhone earpiece. We always have iPhone earpieces in stock, and we can repair iPhone earpiece in 1 hour.

iPhone 8 Loudspeaker Repair

An iPhone 8 loudspeaker may be damaged by some liquid spill over or through extensive use. If damaged, you may not be able to hear your phone ring, music, or the caller on speakerphone. We can replace your iPhone loudspeaker in an hour, so stop by so you don’t have to worry about missing your calls.

iPhone speaker repair

Cost:- $130

Repair Time:- 30 minutes

Quality:- High parts quality will be installed

Warranty:- 100 days

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