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Cracked screen? It’s a danger to yourself and others. Be aware.

The Longer You Wait, the Worse It Gets.Yes, you saw it right. I am sure you must have experienced the unspeakable horror of watching your phone fall down a staircase, or while walking down the street. Sometimes if you are lucky, nothing happens to your mobile screen

iPhone X Motherboard Repair in Adelaide

iPhone X Motherboard Repair/Replacement cost:- $200 – $250 Repair Time:- 30 minutes Quality:- High parts quality will be installed Warranty:- 100 days  

Easy ways to fix your cellphone charging issues

Cell Phone charging issues can sometimes be a headache. However, you can fix your cell phone charging issue by yourself by using these simple tricks. After using your cell phone for a long period of time, the charging port accumulates dust, cotton pieces from your cloth, food

iPhone Battery Replacement in Adelaide

iPhone Battery Replacement If you are looking for a replacement battery for your iPhone, it’s probably because you’re not able to use your iPhone for a day without a quick recharge. You may also have noticed that your iPhone slows down, or in some cases, it randomly switches

iPad Repair

iPad Repair is another popular service provided by Fix Phones. We have experts for best iPad repair in Adelaide who has many years of experience in repairing various models of iPad’s. If you are wondering to find the answer of affordable iPad repair near me !!! then

iPad Repair In Adelaide

        Fixphones repairs all models of iPhones. Repairing iPhone is one of the specializations of our technician who are highly trained and experienced to repair iPhones. Fixphones has helped thousands of Adelaideans to give new life to their iPhones. Replacing broken iPhone screen to

Top 10 Benefits of Tablet Computers

A Tablet computer is better than a laptop for several reasons. It’s the next generation of notebook computers.  A Tablet PC / Tablet computer is the best mobile PC solution The announcement of a new Apple Tablet is maybe the best solution for Apple computers as well. Tablet

How to remove virus effecting your Internet Browser

One of the most common forms of virus infection is Browser hijacking. This is when either a hacker, scammer, or even shady businesses infects your internet software. Typically the malicious software targets Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. This can be more than just simple annoying pop-up


NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS FOR DROID RAZR BATTERY UPGRADE CONVERSION KIT We are happy to announce that we will be shipping all Motorola Droid Razr Battery Upgrade Conversion Kits from our first pre-ordered. As we charge our phone at night time and then when we go out all day