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Amazing Phone Repairs Near You In Adelaide

Mobile phones play a huge role in our daily life. The craze of smartphones has increased rapidly over the years. It is an amazing technology which has helped everyone for ease of communication, work and more. Some of us use it for personal work while many of us can’t function without mobile phones as most of our professional work is carried through it. In the pandemic itself, it has been reported that people spend more than 80% of their time using mobile phones or any other electronic devices. While it is an inevitable part of our day-to-day lives, it is also true that electronic devices are bound to outlive at some point. If it happens due to some kind of manual damage, like an accidental drop of your phone or water damage, Fix Phones can take care of it. We offer the best phone repairs solution for you.

Whether your phone screen has a small crack or your phone screen is completely shattered, has a broken charging port, battery issue, water damage, software issue, or in general out of functions, you can visit Fix Phones right away. Although our motto is cheap phone repairs, we never compromise on quality. We have strong tie-ups with manufacturers who only supply OEM repair parts which is why we have no shortage of quality repair parts. We repair android mobile phones and ios for many famous brands. For instance: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Motorola, Blackberry, Asus, etc.

Additionally, we offer a 100 days phone repairs warranty.  Our technicians work very hard in fixing all the software and hardware issues an android phone or an ios device can have. We also provide a phone assessment before we proceed with the repair process. We have a transparent repair policy. Once we get confirmation from our customers, we move ahead.

Our client is our number one priority.

Do you live around Adelaide’s most loved suburb Ascot Park in zip code 5043? Yes? Well, we have some amazing news for you. Fix Phones, a trusted cell phone repair shop in Adelaide, SA has been operating there for over the last 4 years. People of Adelaide have supported us and used our repair services every time they have some issues with an electronic device. We are not only limited to mobile phones but we have expertise in laptop repairs, computer repairs, tablet repairs, and all kinds of android phone models.

Are you still searching for places to fix phones in ascot park or anywhere near Marion, Mitchell Park, park holme, Morphettville in pin code 5043 and near Plympton park, south Plympton, Camden Park in zip code 5038? Fix Phones Ascot Park is the right choice for you.

Professional Phone Repairer Near You

We truly understand that your phone is very dear to you. Let it be any android phone or iPhone, we love using mobile devices. There has been a massive shift toward the use of mobile devices. In fact, during the pandemic itself, people have used mobile devices more than ever. For every work, like ordering food, searching for nearby places or more.

At Fix Phones, we have also noticed that customers found out about our business through mobile search. They mainly look for phone repairs near me and Fix Phones stands out. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our team at Fix Phones is very professional and is well trained for mobile phone repairs.

Repairing a broken device is not an easy job. But with hard work and determination, our technicians work like magic. They literally have magic hands. Some of the major phone repairs performed daily are:

  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Touch Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging Problems
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Front/Back Camera Replacements
  • Rear Glass Replacements
  • Home & Power Button problems
  • Software Update

Phone Repairs in 30 minutes or less

We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing local phone repair shops in the beautiful city of Adelaide. Most of our customers come for phone screen repair/replacement and they need it repaired as soon as possible. At Fix Phones, we have completed the repairs in 30 minutes or less. Sometimes, when parts are not in stock or the damage is severe, repair time can extend. Besides, we can repair your phone while you can sit in a nearby cafe and enjoy your coffee.

So what are you still waiting for mate?

If you or any member of your family are still using a device that is in desperate need of repair, it’s time to fix it. Due to negligence, your phone can get more damaged. At Fix Phones, we help injured phones get the repairs they need and deserve.
When you’ve broken your beloved mobile phone or an iPhone through an accident or sometimes through the recklessness or negligence of another, you can have a hard time.

As an experienced mobile phone repair shop in Ascot Park, Adelaide, we will repair it for you and you can have a brand new phone again.
Whether there is a problem with your phone battery, charging port, front camera, touch screen, or LCD screen, you should contact a qualified and experienced phone repair shop. We will be happy to discuss your case with you.

At Fix Phones, we help people. We put our clients first.

Types of Phone Repairs we offer:

We offer a variety of phone repair services covering major mobile phones and their models.  Following are some of our most used services:

  • iPhone screen repair
  • iPad screen repair
  • iPhone 11 screen replacement
  • Samsung tablet repairs
  • iPhone xs charging port replacement
  • iPhone battery replacement
  • iPad Pro screen replacement
  • iPad glass replacement
  • iPhone 7 battery replacement
  • Hp Laptop repairs
  • Oppo screen repair
  • Samsung s10 screen replacement
  • iPhone back glass repair
  • Phone LCD screen replacement
  • iPad Back glass replacement
  • Water damage repair
phone repair shop in ascot park
About Fix Phones, Ascot Park

Fix Phones is a leading one-stop mobile phone, iPhone, and laptop repair shop in Adelaide, South Australia. We fix all devices providing expert repairs at an affordable cost for phone LCD/ Screen replacement, iPhone repairs, laptop repair. We are proud to be the most trusted service providers with years of experience. We are located at Marion Rd and Torrensville at Torrensville Plaza.

We offer quick, same-day repair services for all smartphones, iPhones, iPad, tablets, laptops, MacBooks, and computers at the most reasonable price. We use high-quality replacement parts for repairing every electronic device. Our highly skilled technicians provide the best mobile phone repair services ensuring customer satisfaction with a 100 days warranty.

Be sure to contact Fix Phones, a professional phone repair local shop soon because our phone repair in Ascot Park, Adelaide, SA is more than capable of repairing mobile phones and laptops as well as producing happy clients in zip code 5043.

Phone Repair Technician Responsibilities

As a cell phone repair technician, you need to be fully prepared to provide solutions to the customer’s mobile problems. There are many responsibilities of a repair technician. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair mobile devices.
  • Quality control and testing of repaired devices to ensure full functionality. 
  • Resolve/manage customer inquiries.
  • Able to interact positively with customers.
  • Able to explain the issue to customers before proceeding with the repairs
person repairing a cell phone

If you are one of the gadget geeks, we bring to you the best phone repairs service in Ascot Park, Adelaide. Indeed, once you get our phone repair service, you will not have to keep using your old phone. Therefore, our customers are highly appreciative of our phone repair service.

Get the best phone repair service at the best ascot park phone repair shop – Fix Phones.

Contact Info

Phone: 0872309662
Email: info@fixphones.com.au
Address: 695 Marion Rd, Ascot Park, SA 5043

We, at Fix Phones, are waiting to serve you. If are in urgent need of a phone repair and reside anywhere near the suburb of the beautiful city Adelaide, remember to call us. Our technicians are always welcoming and will repair your phone in no time.

If you are one of the gadget geeks, we bring to you the best phone repairs service in Ascot Park, Adelaide. Indeed, once you get our phone repair service, you will not have to keep using your old phone. Therefore, our customers are highly appreciative of our phone repair service.

Get the best phone repair service at the best ascot park phone repair shop – Fix Phones.

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