Repair Oneplus 1

Affordable OnePlus 1 Repair Services

OnePlus is a smartphone brand that has established itself in the premium segment, among players like Samsung and Apple. What makes its presence special is the fact that it’s a young brand that has successfully managed to capture a huge customer base in such a short span of just 3.5 years! With the success of OnePlus 1, Oneplus 2, Oneplus 3, 3T and Onleplus 5,5T the brand has created a niche for itself. Today OnePlus competes with brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Apple. Till date, Oneplus has launched just a handful of smartphones in the market, but that hasn’t limited its success or its customer base.

Fix Phones with its extensive range of repair solutions has made Oneplus mobile repair an easy and quick process. Doorstep repair, up to 6 months warranty and repair by certified experts are our USP’s. For onsite OnePlus screen replacement, touch button repair, MIC/speaker repair, OnePlus motherboard repair you just need to call Yaantra and you are sorted!