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Repair Lumia 730

Phone Repair

Find the Best Nokia Lumia 730 Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Ascot Park, Adelaide  

Do you need to get your non warranty Nokia phone repaired? We understand how critical is your Nokia phone to you. Fix Phones is specialized to repair broken or faulty Nokia Smart phones – and we repair more than 4000 handsets every month. Just give us a call on our Helpline number – 0415 785 062 and we will help you fix the phone.

Our team of highly-trained technicians and engineers have years of experience with repairs of Nokia mobile phones to repair it out for you. We also offer pickup drop service for all Nokia mobile repairs all across Adelaide.

Our goal is to serve our community with quality service at an affordable price. The satisfaction of our customers is the key to growing our business every day, therefore, we value our customers by providing a warranty on services and repairs.We can help you to fix Touch Screen & LCD Repair, Charging Port Repair, Battery Replacement, Microphone Repair, Headphone Jack Repair, Earpiece Speaker Repair, Loudspeaker Repair, Home Button Repair, Power Button Repair, Frame & Chassis Repair, Rear Camera Repair, Front Camera Repair, Front Proximity Sensor, Front Brightness Sensor, Volume Button Repair, Silent Switch Repair and many more.

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