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iPhone SE Repairs in Adelaide

Though comparatively than its predecessors, just averaging in about 300 Euros,  the iPhone SE, however, doesn’t compromise on quality. It has impressive specs that are on par with any other iPhone model. Launched in the march of 2016, the iPhone SE houses a LED-backlit IPS LCD with a capacitive touchscreen that is capable of producing 640*1136 pixels of resolution.

In terms of its OS, the device supports the iOS 9.3.2 which is upgradable to an 11.41 version. It also houses the Apple A9 chipset complimenting the dual-core 1.84 GHz twister CPU and a Power VR GT7600 six core graphics. For cameras, Apple has generously given us the 12mp main camera and a 5mp selfie camera.

It also has numerous features like face detection, HDR, Panorama. All of these quality specs has been compiled in a sleek dimension of 123.8*58.6*7.6 mm with a light weight of 112 grams. if you are looking for professionals who specialize in iPhone SE and cater to repair need of this device, look no further! We are professional mobile phone & Tablet repairer with experience in thousands of devices under our belt. We do carry a large inventory of parts in our location and carry out repairs with a cost of iPhone SE repairs that is always reasonable to the customers.

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