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iPhone 8 Battery Repair/Replacement in Adelaide

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

Are you suffering from your iPhone 8 getting dead in just few hours of full charge? If yes, then you need to get your iPhone 8 battery replaced.

iPhone 8 battery might start to show problems like getting discharged to quick after few years of use or even if you have kept it unused for a long time. It is usually advised to keep charging your devices in some regular interval of days in order to maintain a healthy battery life. However, the battery starts to deteriorate after a long run. That is when you need to repair your iPhone battery.

At Fix Phones, we provide the best iPhone 8 battery repair service to our customers at a reasonable price. Remember us for any sort of iPhone 8 battery repair as well as any other services for your iPhone.

iPhone battery replacement

Cost:- $66

Repair Time:- 30 minutes

Quality:- High Capacity Batteries will be installed

Warranty:- 100 days

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