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iPad Mini 3 Screen Repair

iPad Mini 3 screen Replacement/Repair

Did you break your iPad Screen? Yes. Ouch, that must have hurt.

Fix Phones is the best iPad Mini 3 screen repair shop in Adelaide. We are always there to provide you iPad screen replacement. It takes no more than an hour. After the repair, you will get back your phone with a much clearer display. Trust us.

No matter how careful you are with handling your iPad, a slip of the iPad from your hand is enough to take your breath away. iPad’s are vulnerable to having cracked screens and broken LCD’s from just a small accident. In order to protect your iPad against these damages, we suggest you get a good quality case, such as OtterBox Defender or the Griffin Survivor.

iPhone screen repair

Cost:- $180

Repair time:- 30 minutes to 1 Hour

Quality:- Genuine OEM or High Capacity polarised screens will be installed

Warranty:- 100 days warranty

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