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Repair Y6 Pro

Phone Repair

Affordable Huawei Y6 Pro Repair Shop in Ascot Park, Adelaide

Huawei is a Chinese company with a knack of producing cutting-edge mobile phones for users worldwide. But as with all other brands, mobile phone problems persist with Huawei as well. But worry not, as we are here to solve all the faults in your Huawei mobile phone with ease. Our phone repair store in Adelaide caters to your phone problems in a reliable manner.

What can we repair?

We can repair every issue in your Huawei smartphone including issues like:

  • Screen repair
  • Problems in turning on or off
  • Changing screen digitizer
  • motherboard faults
  • Water damage
  • Battery issues
  • Software issues
  • Headphone jack issue

Screen repairs are our specialty and we can make your phone with a broken screen look brand new. The fact that we have most of the screen and screen parts in stock makes our service quick and trustworthy.

Fix Phones is Adelaide’s most trusted Huawei phone repair shop, which lets you place repair orders for your faulty smartphones and tablets. Be it a broken screen, faulty charging port, blurry camera, earpiece or loudspeaker issue, or anything else, we fix everything.

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