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Repair One X10

HTC Phone Repair

HTC X10 Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Ascot Park, Adelaide

Did you accidentally break your HTC phone? Did it stop working for no reason? We Can Help you in this case !!! Our Professionally Trained Engineers in Adelaide can fix your Phone and have you talking back on your phone within hours. With all the best equipment at hand we can carry out fully guaranteed, cost effective repairs using only genuine HTC replacement parts.

Fix Phones have the means to repair all models of HTCMobile. Our workshop has the latest diagnostic equipment, so we can fully diagnose and repair faulty HTC.

We have a team of highly trained engineers, with a vast experience of HTC mobile phone repairs. We can fix anything from a touchscreen problem to liquid damage to crashing/dead units.

Satisfaction Guaranteed HTC Phones Repair Services

If you’re not 100% happy with the estimate, you’ll have nothing to pay for the diagnosis.

Likely Fault Diagnosis 

  • Broken Screen
  • Touch Screen not responding
  • Audio Jack Socket broken/Camera Faulty.
  • Battery Faulty
  • Back Glass smashed
  • Proximity Sensor not registering correctly
  • Camera lenses not opening or closing
  • SIM cards not registering
  • Phone Antenna signals
  • Swapped Volume Control button
  • Possibly shocking people
  • Screen Positioning
  • Phone app crashing
  • Bluetooth disconnecting
  • Wi-Fi Antenna issues
  • Yellow spotting – Should resolve itself after few days though.
  • Chip Level HTC Motherboard repairs

Likely Cause Scenario

  • LCD faults
  • Ribbon faults
  • Lens replacement
  • Touch screen faults
  • Speaker faults
  • Microphone faults
  • Signal faults
  • Keypad faults
  • Liquid damage faults
  • Software faults
  • Not powering up faults
  • Charging faults
  • Housing replacements
  • Unlocking
  • Security codes reset

Have you been told by another repair company that your HTC needs replacing?

We provide Smart phone Repairs starting From $49, and ensure quality with a unique warranty on repairs!

Mobile Phone Repairs are a specialist Smartphone Repair Service performed with complex equipment and highly skilled technicians. These repairs should not be attempted at home.

We have the highest Adelaide success rate for this type of repair, this is because we have perfected the skills and techniques required.

Average Repair time 2 days including full Hardware Stress testing.

Contact us now or Book an appoinment to repair your HTC Phone.

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