Is there a way to remove laptop dents?

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Is there a way to remove dents on my laptop? - Quora

Dents on your laptop might not be a serious problem but you might feel distractive if the dent is right in front of your eyes whenever you use your laptop. You might use these few steps to get rid of the dent.

  • Use a hammer

If your laptop is bumped out from outside, you need to push the bump back in. To deal with the bump, you can use a light rubber hammer on the protruding side. Few things to keep in mind while using hammer are:

  1. Use a rubber mallet.
  2. Place a fabric on the bump before hammering to avoid any scratches.
  3. Tap the hammer lightly. 
  • Use a dent puller

This is applicable when the laptop is dented inside. The dent puller has the same mechanism as with the dented car. A suction tool is placed over the dent and pulled to bring the surface back to shape.

  • Open and hammer

This is just like the one with the hammer above but for this, you require to open the laptop. If you cannot get a dent puller kit, you can use this method. However, you need to know how to put back your laptop together after opening.

  • Coverup

This is the most recommended if you are scared that you might cause more harm to your laptop. Also, if you have a crack on the dented area, this method will leave your laptop with more strength. All you need to do is get an aluminium or acrylic sheet and a superglue. Paste the sheet over the dented area or the whole laptop cover to add more strength and protection.

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